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Title: Idaho Artist: The Divine Comedy 71 plays

The Divine Comedey - Idaho live at Brixton October 2002

Idaho, let me go
I feel so very far from home
Your folks are kind, If a little crazy
Not unlike my own sweet lady

One of the cutest pics of Neil with Leila, that died this year :’(

I met a girl, she was a frog princess and yes, I do regret it now. But how was I to know that just one kiss, could turn my frog into a cow? (x)

At The Indie Disco live @ Other Voices Festival 2013 
first time played with band

if you were a dog i’d feed you scraps from off the table though my wife complains

Happy Valentine’s Day, Neil Hannon is all you need! 

Dogs and musicians: Neil Hannon and Cathy Davey launching the album Oscar The Hypno Dog in aid of Dogs in Distress outside HMV on Grafton Street 

Neil Hannon at The Big Breakfast - June 17, 1996